repoze.bfg 1.0b2 has been released to the index and the docs rendering at has been updated.  This is a bugfix and polishing 
release, in preparation for 1.0.  The change log follows:

1.0b2 (2009-07-03)

- ``remoteuserauthenticationpolicy`` ZCML directive didn't work
   without an ``environ_key`` directive (didn't match docs).

- Fix ``configure_zcml`` filespec check on Windows.  Previously if an
   absolute filesystem path including a drive letter was passed as
   ``filename`` (or as ``configure_zcml`` in the options dict) to
   ``repoze.bfg.router.make_app``, it would be treated as a
   package:resource_name specification.

- Fix inaccuracies and import errors in bfgwiki (traversal+ZODB) and
   bfgwiki2 (urldispatch+SA) tutorials.

- Use bfgsite index for all tutorial setup.cfg files.

- Full documentation grammar/style/spelling audit.
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