On 7/11/09 8:32 PM, Alberto Valverde wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use chameleon.genshi (trunk) to generate a WMS
> GetCapabilities document but expressions inside non-xhtml attributes are
> not evaluated, eg:
> <OnlineResource xlink:href="${service_url}" />
> renders "${service_url}" instead of the value of 'service_url'
> The same template renders correctly with genshi 0.5 so I'm using it as a
> workaround for XML templates but I'd like to drop this dependency if
> feasible. If this is really a bug (I suspect it isn't since language.py
> appears to ignore dynamic non-xhtml attributes by design) I could send
> some tests showing the error.

This looks like a bug. Genshi syntax is pretty explicit about this 
having to work; it is an integral part of dynamic XIncludes for example.


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