repoze.bfg 1.1a3 has been released.  It is available via:

    easy_install -i repoze.bfg

This release is a feature release.  It's sorta kinda major.

In 1.0.X releases, when a view callable returned a non-Response return value, 
BFG would eventually throw an error, because... well, views weren't allowed to 
return anything except Response objects.  That was just the rule.

Now, this has changed.  When a view has a "renderer" associated with it (by 
virtue of the 'renderer' attribute in ZCML or the equivalent in a "bfg_view" 
declaration), ia view is permitted to return any value that can be understood 
by the associated renderer.  A renderer is responsible for converting the value 
into a string.  Examples of renderers:

- A renderer which converts a dictionary return value into a string
   rendered by atemplating system


    def my_view(context, request):
        return {'This': 'might be used by the template'}

- A renderer which converts any basic-type return value from a view into
   a JSON serialization.


    def my_view(context, request):
        return ['This will be serialized to JSON']

Note that the "renderer" directive replaces the "template" directive as 
documented in the changelog for 1.1a2.

See also

Additional renderers can be added via the "renderer" ZCML directive:


See also

An additional feature allows you to assign a "wrapper" attribute to view 
configuration.  This makes it possible to spell wrapper relationships between 
views via ZCML (or "bfg_view") configuration.  See the documentation for the 
"wrapper" attribute inside this documentation section:

The exhhaustive changelog follows.

1.1a3 (2009-09-16)


- The "Views" narrative chapter in the documentation has been updated
   extensively to discuss "renderers".


- A ``renderer`` attribute has been added to view configurations,
   replacing the previous (1.1a2) version's ``template`` attribute.  A
   "renderer" is an object which accepts the return value of a view and
   converts it to a string.  This includes, but is not limited to,
   templating systems.

- A new interface named ``IRenderer`` was added.  The existing
   interface, ``ITemplateRenderer`` now derives from this new
   interface.  This interface is internal.

- A new interface named ``IRendererFactory`` was added.  An existing
   interface named ``ITemplateRendererFactory`` now derives from this
   interface.  This interface is internal.

- The ``view`` attribute of the ``view`` ZCML directive is no longer
   required if the ZCML directive also has a ``renderer`` attribute.
   This is useful when the renderer is a template renderer and no names
   need be passed to the template at render time.

- A new zcml directive ``renderer`` has been added.  It is documented
   in the "Views" narrative chapter of the documentation.

- A ZCML ``view`` directive (and the associated ``bfg_view``
   decorator) can now accept a "wrapper" value.  If a "wrapper" value
   is supplied, it is the value of a separate view's *name* attribute.
   When a view with a ``wrapper`` attribute is rendered, the "inner"
   view is first rendered normally.  Its body is then attached to the
   request as "wrapped_body", and then a wrapper view name is looked up
   and rendered (using ``repoze.bfg.render_view_to_response``), passed
   the request and the context.  The wrapper view is assumed to do
   something sensible with ``request.wrapped_body``, usually inserting
   its structure into some other rendered template.  This feature makes
   it possible to specify (potentially nested) "owrap" relationships
   between views using only ZCML or decorators (as opposed always using
   ZPT METAL and analogues to wrap view renderings in outer wrappers).


- When used under Python < 2.6, BFG now has an installation time
   dependency on the ``simplejson`` package.


- The ``repoze.bfg.testing.registerDummyRenderer`` API has been
   deprecated in favor of
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.registerTemplateRenderer``.  A deprecation
   warning is *not* issued at import time for the former name; it will
   exist "forever"; its existence has been removed from the
   documentation, however.

- The ``repoze.bfg.templating.renderer_from_cache`` function has been
   moved to ``repoze.bfg.renderer.template_renderer_factory``.  This
   was never an API, but code in the wild was spotted that used it.  A
   deprecation warning is issued at import time for the former.

Backwards Incompatibilities

- The ``ITemplateRenderer`` interface has been changed.  Previously
   its ``__call__`` method accepted ``**kw``.  It now accepts a single
   positional parameter named ``kw``.  This is mostly an internal
   change, but it was exposed in APIs in one place: if you've used the
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.registerDummyRenderer`` API in your tests with
   a custom "renderer" argument with your own renderer implementation,
   you will need to change that renderer implementation to accept
   ``kw`` instead of ``**kw`` in its ``__call__`` method.

- The ``ITemplateRendererFactory`` interface has been changed.
   Previously its ``__call__`` method accepted an ``auto_reload``
   keyword parameter.  Now its ``__call__`` method accepts no keyword
   parameters.  Renderers are now themselves responsible for
   determining details of auto-reload.  This is purely an internal
   change.  This interface was never external.

- The ``template_renderer`` ZCML directive introduced in 1.1a2 has
   been removed.  It has been replaced by the ``renderer`` directive.

- The previous release (1.1a2) added a view configuration attribute
   named ``template``.  In this release, the attribute has been renamed
   to ``renderer``.  This signifies that the attribute is more generic:
   it can now be not just a template name but any renderer name (ala

- In the previous release (1.1a2), the Chameleon text template
   renderer was used if the system didn't associate the ``template``
   view configuration value with a filename with a "known" extension.
   In this release, you must use a ``renderer`` attribute which is a
   path that ends with a ``.txt`` extension
   (e.g. ``templates/foo.txt``) to use the Chameleon text renderer.

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