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It seems that from the design to the implementation of repoze.who and 
repoze.what, including 
its plugins, have completely failed to support holistically any charset other 
then Latin-1. As of 
now, there is not an option global to repoze.who, and subsequently repoze.what, 
to indicate to 
the plugins as to what charset to decode the HTTP params to. This can cause 
serious problems 
for websites written in exotic charsets like Big-5. Even for websites written 
in UTF-8, there is 
still not an option to guarantee the plugins the correct charset codec.

I was looking at the source code for repoze.who, AuthTktCookie, *Forms, and, and it seems that putting a `charset` variable into the 
`environ` is the 
best way to go for reasons of global visibility (makes me want to lobby the 
WSGI people to put 
this in WSGI 1.1 and 2). The problem with this is I'm not sure if there's any 
out there that already do this. Another way to do it is to name the variable 
Yet another was is to have plugins look for a key `charset` from the identity, 
which localize this 
variable's visibility to just repoze.who and repoze.what plugins.

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priority: bug
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title: Configurable character set support for repoze.who and repoze.what

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