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I believe this.

On the other hand, I'm not sure that a 'charset' setting dedicated "to 
repoze.who" or "to 
repoze.what" is really sufficient.  Who will set the charset?  What will it be 
set to?  What does it 
mean to individual plugins?  What would they need to do to "comply with the 
charset"?    What 
does "holistically support" mean?  This is a bit of a minefield.

There is a fundamental lack of support at very basic levels for charset 
support.  Even HTML 
form posts don't send along the charset of the posted data: it's presumed that 
the POST data 
will be in the charset of the HTML page which contained the rendered form.  If 
your form 
handler doesn't know what that charset is, you're out of luck.  So I'm not sure 
WSGI can really 
do much here in general.

In short: what would you change, concretely to make this any better?

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