repoze.bfg 1.1a7 has been released.

Install via:

    easy_install -i repoze.bfg

The documentation at has been updated.

This release is a pure feature release, there are no backwards 
incompatibilities or deprecations: "bfg_view" decorators can be used against 
class methods, and "bfg_view" decorators can now be "stacked" on any given 
method or function.  Also, some previously undocumented ZCML "hooks" have now 
been documented.

The changelog of differences from 1.1a6 follows:


- More than one `...@bfg_view`` decorator may now be stacked on top of
   any number of others.  Each invocation of the decorator registers a
   single view configuration.  For instance, the following combination
   of decorators and a function will register two view configurations
   for the same view callable::

     from repoze.bfg.view import bfg_view

     def edit(context, request):

   This makes it possible to associate more than one view configuration
   with a single callable without requiring any ZCML.

- The `...@bfg_view`` decorator can now be used against a class method::

     from webob import Response
     from repoze.bfg.view import bfg_view

     class MyView(object):
         def __init__(self, context, request):
             self.context = context
             self.request = request

         def amethod(self):
             return Response('hello from %s!' % self.context)

   When the bfg_view decorator is used against a class method, a view
   is registered for the *class* (it's a "class view" where the "attr"
   happens to be the name of the method it is attached to), so the
   class it's defined within must have a suitable constructor: one that
   accepts ``context, request`` or just ``request``.


- Added ``Changing the Traverser`` and ``Changing How
   :mod:`repoze.bfg.url.model_url` Generates a URL`` to the "Hooks"
   narrative chapter of the docs.


- Remove ```` and imports of it within ````.  In
   the new world, and as per virtualenv setup instructions, people will
   already have either setuptools or distribute.

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