repoze.bfg web framework 1.1a8 has been released

You can install it via:

    easy_install -i repoze.bfg

The 1.1-series docs have been updated and are available at:

This release is a general mishmash of bufgixes, features, and refactorings. 
The changes that are between 1.1a7 and 1.1a8 follow:

1.1a8 (2009-10-27)


- Add ``path_info`` view configuration predicate.

- ``paster bfgshell`` now supports IPython if it's available for
   import.  Thanks to Daniel Holth for the initial patch.

- Add ``repoze.bfg.testing.registerSettings`` API, which is documented
   in the "repoze.bfg.testing" API chapter.  This allows for
   registration of "settings" values obtained via
   ``repoze.bfg.settings.get_settings()`` for use in unit tests.

- The name ``root`` is available as an attribute of the request
   slightly earlier now (before a NewRequest event is emitted).
   ``root`` is the result of the application "root factory".

- Added ``max_age`` parameter to ``authtktauthenticationpolicy`` ZCML
   directive.  If this value is set, it must be an integer representing
   the number of seconds which the auth tkt cookie will survive.
   Mainly, its existence allows the auth_tkt cookie to survive across
   browser sessions.

Bug Fixes

- Fix bug encountered during "scan" (when ``<scan ..>`` directive is
   used in ZCML) introduced in 1.1a7.  Symptom: ``AttributeError:
   object has no attribute __provides__`` raised at startup time.

- The ``reissue_time`` argument to the ``authtktauthenticationpolicy``
   ZCML directive now actually works.  When it is set to an integer
   value, an authticket set-cookie header is appended to the response
   whenever a request requires authentication and 'now' minus the
   authticket's timestamp is greater than ``reissue_time`` seconds.


- Add a chapter titled "Request and Response" to the narrative
   documentation, content cribbed from the WebOb documentation.

- Call out predicate attributes of ZCML directive within "Views"

- Fix route_url documentation (``_query`` argument documented as
   ``query`` and ``_anchor`` argument documented as ``anchor``).

Backwards Incompatibilities

- The ``authtkt`` authentication policy ``remember`` method now no
   longer honors ``token`` or ``userdata`` keyword arguments.


- Change how ``bfg_view`` decorator works when used as a class method
   decorator.  In 1.1a7, the``scan``directive actually tried to grope
   every class in scanned package at startup time, calling ``dir``
   against each found class, and subsequently invoking ``getattr``
   against each thing found by ``dir`` to see if it was a method.  This
   led to some strange symptoms (e.g. ``AttributeError: object has no
   attribute __provides__``), and was generally just a bad idea.  Now,
   instead of groping classes for methods at startup time, we just
   cause the ``bfg_view`` decorator itself to populate the method's
   class' ``__dict__`` when it is used as a method decorator.  This
   also requires a nasty _getframe thing but it's slightly less nasty
   than the startup time groping behavior.  This is essentially a
   reversion back to 1.1a6 "grokking" behavior plus some special magic
   for using the ``bfg_view`` decorator as method decorator inside the
   ``bfg_view`` class itself.

- The router now checks for a ``global_response_headers`` attribute of
   the request object before returning a response.  If this value
   exists, it is presumed to be a sequence of two-tuples, representing
   a set of headers to append to the 'normal' response headers.  This
   feature is internal, rather than exposed externally, because it's
   unclear whether it will stay around in the long term.  It was added
   to support the ``reissue_time`` feature of the authtkt
   authentication policy.

- The interface ITraverserFactory is now just an alias for ITraverser.

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