repoze.bfg 1.1b1 has been released.

It may be installed via:

   easy_install -i repoze.bfg

The docs at have been updated.

This is the first beta release in the 1.1 series.  It is only bugfixes.

The changelog is as follows:

1.1b1 (2009-11-01)

Bug Fixes

- The routes root factory called route factories and the default route
   factory with an environ rather than a request.  One of the symptoms
   of this bug: applications generated using the ``bfg_zodb`` paster
   template in 1.1a9 did not work properly.

- Reinstate ``renderer`` alias for ``view_renderer`` in the
   ``<route>`` ZCML directive (in-the-wild 1.1a bw compat).

- ``bfg_routesalchemy`` paster template: change ``<route>``
   declarations: rename ``renderer`` attribute to ``view_renderer``.

- Header values returned by the ``authtktauthenticationpolicy``
   ``remember`` and ``forget`` methods would be of type ``unicode``.
   This violated the WSGI spec, causing a ``TypeError`` to be raised
   when these headers were used under ``mod_wsgi``.

- If a BFG app that had a route matching the root URL was mounted
   under a path in modwsgi, ala ``WSGIScriptAlias /myapp
   /Users/chrism/projects/modwsgi/env/bfg.wsgi``, the home route (a
   route with the path of ``'/'`` or ``''``) would not match when the
   path ``/myapp`` was visited (only when the path ``/myapp/`` was
   visited).  This is now fixed: if the urldispatch root factory notes
   that the PATH_INFO is empty, it converts it to a single slash before
   trying to do matching.


- In ``<route>`` declarations in tutorial ZCML, rename ``renderer``
   attribute to ``view_renderer`` (fwd compat).

- Fix various tutorials broken by 1.1a9 ``<route>`` directive changes.


- Deal with a potential circref in the traversal module.
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