Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> On Nov 2, 9:17 am, Chris McDonough <> wrote:
>> repoze.bfg 1.1b1 has been released.
>> ...
>> - If a BFG app that had a route matching the root URL was mounted
>>    under a path in modwsgi, ala ``WSGIScriptAlias /myapp
>>    /Users/chrism/projects/modwsgi/env/bfg.wsgi``, the home route (a
>>    route with the path of ``'/'`` or ``''``) would not match when the
>>    path ``/myapp`` was visited (only when the path ``/myapp/`` was
>>    visited).  This is now fixed: if the urldispatch root factory notes
>>    that the PATH_INFO is empty, it converts it to a single slash before
>>    trying to do matching.
> Hmmm, not sure if that sounds right. Internally adding in a slash like
> that can possibly stuff up relative URLs generated in that page in as
> much as browser will interpret them incorrectly.

The change log entry was worded badly.  The code I added doesn't actually 
mutate PATH_INFO or SCRIPT_NAME (or any environment value), and it doesn't 
effect URL generation in any way or do any redirection; it just adjusts an 
internal value used only within the scope of a method.  This value is used as 
input to the route matching code.

Mapping '' to '/' internally in this way was just easier than changing the 
route matching code itself.  The change log entry should probably have read 
something like this:

- Changed route matching code to deal properly with empty PATH_INFO.

> For example, if browser requested '/myapp' and that page had relative
> URL 'page.html' where you expected browser to interpret that as '/
> myapp/page.html', you will be disappointed as browser will instead
> interpret it as '/page.html'.
> Normally one would send a redirect back to the browser to tell it to
> request again with the trailing slash added. This way the browser is
> aware of the correct base URL and so relative URLs in the response
> will work properly.
> That said, I know nothing about how your stuff works, so what I say
> may not be relevant in your system.

Thanks.  You're right to be suspicious given the wording in the changelog.

- C
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