Chris McDonough <> added the comment:

I cant replicate this with the following configuration on 1.1b3:


from webob import Response

def my_view(context, request):
    return {'project':'starter'}

def one(context, request):
    return Response('one')

def two(context, request):
    return Response('two')

In configure.zcml:

<configure xmlns="";>

  <!-- this must be included for the view declarations to work -->
  <include package="repoze.bfg.includes" />

  <route name="loginform" path="loginform/*traverse"/>
  <route name="signupform" path="signupform/*traverse"/>
  <route name="signupconfirm" path="signupconfirm/*traverse"/>

  <view name="login" view="" route_name="loginform" />
  <view name="login" view="" route_name="signupform" />
  <view name="login" view="" route_name="signupconfirm" />
  <view name="login" view=".views.two" />


No matter where I move the "<view name="login" view=".views.two" />" line, I 
get the "right" 
answer from the webserver.

Also, for the record, no multiviews are ever registered in this configuration 
(in the zcml handler, 
"old_view" is always None).

I don't understand the issue yet.

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