Coming from Pylons, I'm a newbie to the object graph traversal world, so this question might be slightly misplaced (but hopefully a no-brainer for the bfg gurus...).

I very much like the concept of looking up my model object before dispatching to a view that operates on it. However, what bothers me about the standard traversal algorithm is that, for a URL like


I have to promote the containers ("cars" and "wheels") to first class citizens in my model (by defining CarContainer and WheelContainer classes that I can then instantiate and return as the context object from the parent's __getitem__), where in fact they are just collections held by their mutual parent model objects (the Root object in case of the cars collection - which is in itself artificial, but I'm willing to pay that price for traversability - and the Car object in case of the wheels collection).

I guess I'm asking if there is a standard, "bfg-approved" way of avoiding artificial container model classes - or did I just "not get it" yet?!

I'm very grateful for any hints and pointers you may have on this issue.



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