F. Oliver Gathmann wrote:
> On 11/12/09 1:00 PM, Tim Hoffman wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have done some fairly extensive projects using traversal over a
>> relational model and we did use intermediate container classes alot.
>> Mainly because each major entity could have about 6 different classes
>> of sub items that we needed to group into containers anyway
>> I reverse engineered the entire relational model from the existing
>> database and then autogenerated all of the intermediate classes.
>> Quite easy to do.  I was using storm as an orm over the top, which
>> made things a lot easier
> Hmm... still, this feels like an artifact to me. Presumably, in most 
> cases what you want to return when the URL asks for a collection of 
> sub-items is the very collection you already defined in your ORM on the 
> model object that is the current context (we are using SQLAlchemy, BTW). 
> I cannot help but think that there should be a way to automatically 
> return an adapted collection that supports further traversal if 
> necessary... but I'm not sure of all the ramifications of that idea.

I suspect there should be a pattern for this.  This pattern might be a good 
one, though I don't know to what extent it can be generalized:

class TraversableCollection(object):
     def __init__(self, parent, name, collection):
         self.__parent__ = parent
         self.__name__ = name
         self.collection = collection

     def __getitem__(self, name):
         return getattr(self.collection, name) # or whatever the API is

class Cars(object):
     def __getitem__(self, name):
         collection = get_collection(model, name) # some helper thing
         return TraversableCollection(self, name, collection)

Might be generalizable via a subclass:

class Collection(object):
     def __getitem__(self, name):
         collection = get_collection(model, name) # some helper thing
         return self.collection_class(self, name, collection)

class Cars(Collection):
     collection_class = TraversableCollection

Or via Zope-style adaptation.

- C

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