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Tim Hoffman wrote:
> HI George
> You can really have a number of ways of supporting traversal and
> __name__, __parent__
> I am running repoze.bfg on app engine to implement a simple cms which models a
> folder/page heirarchy.
> In this case the parent child relationship is held in the data
> representing the instances
> (ie the parent holds a list of datastore keys of children and the
> names of the children)
> than as we traverse done the folder path, the __getitem__ in the parent folder
> actually sets __parent__ on object retrieval (non persistently). (In
> gae you can't make properties with __ be
> persistent in the datastore whith its hi-level api), so __name__ is a
> @property that actually is a method (most of the time)
> that fetchs the "name" property of the entity.
> I have a seperate case also where I have query objects (think stored
> queries or collections/topics in plone)
> When we do a search for an entity in the datastore, the search object
> can, when retrieving an entity
> found, chose to set __parent__ if I want that entity to look as if it
> lives in the context of the query object
> rather than generating a link to the object where it lives in the
> folder heirarchy.
> Rgds
> T
> On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 6:19 AM, george hu <> wrote:
>> As BFG document stated, all the object instances of model graph in Traversal
>> must have __name__ and __parent__ attribute, and they should be
>> hierarchically "linked". As the traversal wiki example reveals, page objects
>> are implementing this rule. But when I look at the source code of bfgsite,
>> I can't see the rule is followed. The WebSite is the root object so it has
>> __name__=__parent__=None, but none of it's sub objects (PasteBin/PasteEntry,
>> TutorialBin/Tutorial) has code of assigning __name__ and __parent__, neither
>> in object initializing nor object adding part, and I don't find the usage of
>> traversalwrapper as mentioned in document, in which case we can avoid mange
>> location aware objects "by hand". So is it a rule of "Must"?
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