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Tim Hoffman wrote:
> HI George
> Glad you found it, I didn't know if what I was saying was particularly
> of interest so didn't bother with the link.
> Have a look in pages.models, specifically FolderishMixin, Folder, and
> QueryView and StaticList for some examples.
> That code is going through a lot of changes at the moment and is the
> foundation for a fairly large project at the moment,
> as I mention on the site somewhere, once we finish that project I will
> be re-packaging all of bfg-pages into something a bit more useable
> We are actually using it in conjunction with Plone - most of the
> authoring content is being done in plone and then published
> to appengine.  And we are using solr for the text search.
> See ya
> Tim
>>> Hi Tim
>>> These are eye-opener cases for me, would you gimme the address of code
>>> repository so I can get the details?
>>> Thanks
>>> George Hu
>> Well, I got it, http://code.google.com/p/bfg-pages
>> Thanks
>> George Hu

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