Iain Duncan wrote:
> Hey all, one thing I miss in Pylons is the out of the box integration
> with the interactive debugger in your browser. I'll confess ignorance as
> to how this is hooked up, but it's *really* helpful to people learning
> pylons. Wondering if it would be a good plan to put this 'in the box'
> for bfg or maybe to add something to the docs demonstrating how to do
> so? I realize it's not a hard thing to add yourself, but when learning a
> new framework, the less you have to do to get a setup that is
> learning-positive, the better, IMHO.

I'd prefer docs explaining how to do it; I'd rather be responsible for knowing 
that people know how to enable it than for them to not know it's a security 
hole and leave it enabled in a production app cobbled together from the paster 

Essentially it's just replacing (in the starter app config):

use = egg:{{project}}#app
reload_templates = true
debug_authorization = false
debug_notfound = false


use = egg:starter#app
reload_templates = true
debug_authorization = false
debug_notfound = false

pipeline =

And making sure to remember to "easy_install WebError".

- C

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