>> Basically I have the remote_api hooked up inside a plone tool and with
>> adapters that manage the plone -> gae mapping.
>> This was all developed before I realized content mirror might be an option.
> ;)
> Some kind of generic tool or framework for Plone -> GAE integration
> would be really cool, especially if the GAE side was BFG based. There's
> a lot of interest in that area. I would *love* for Plone to be able to
> advertise that story as part of its deployment options.

At the moment the plone and gae classes are both loaded inside plone
and the registered adapters
manage the translation of the properties of the various entities.

We have most plone content types mapped via a coupe of adapters.

Being able to instantiate app engine entities and use them directly
inside plone over the remote_api
made the task fairly straight forward.

>> Having done plone sites for years I getting the scalability always
>> meant I had to manage a cluster of some sort with lots of zeo front
>> ends etc.
>> This site has over 7000 unique visitors a day and the organisation
>> that will ultimately own the app doesn't have the resources currently
>> to manage that sort of infrastructure.  I had been looking at
>> deliverance and varnish etc..... to speed things up but felt that if
>> we utilised gae just for presentation on what would still be a
>> reasonably dynamic site I wouldn't have to manage the infrastructure
>> to the same degree.  Solr is a lot easier to scale horizontally out of
>> the box as well and that was the bit missing from app engine, so we
>> run solr and an author only plone (its still the best for workflow
>> etc....)
> Sure. But you could've just run the BFG app on EC2 as well, no? What was
> the specific gain for GAE?

Yep but then I would still have to manage more stuff, and manage
scaling it. So we are still talking
elastic load balancing, running memcache for shared cache/sessions
etc.. a datastore that is replicated etc....
It all starts getting complicated and I always end up having to do it.
 Having done a few projects now with appengine
being able to just forget about the platform (fingers crossed) means I
am able to shrink the number of managed pieces.

Given typhoonae seems to be coming along it could be an option for the
same code base if we wanted to rehost the site on other kit.

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