repoze.bfg 1.2a6 has been released

Install via:

   easy_install -i repoze.bfg

Or via PyPI.

The docs at have been updated.

The changelog follows:

1.2a6 (2009-12-18)


- The ``Configurator`` object now has two new methods: ``begin`` and
   ``end``.  The ``begin`` method is meant to be called before any
   "configuration" begins (e.g. before ``add_view``, et. al are
   called).  The ``end`` method is meant to be called after all
   "configuration" is complete.

   Previously, before there was imperative configuration at all (1.1
   and prior), configuration begin and end was invariably implied by
   the process of loading a ZCML file.  When a ZCML load happened, the
   threadlocal data structure containing the request and registry was
   modified before the load, and torn down after the load, making sure
   that all framework code that needed ``get_current_registry`` for the
   duration of the ZCML load was satisfied.

   Some API methods called during imperative configuration, (such as
   ``Configurator.add_view`` when a renderer is involved) end up for
   historical reasons calling ``get_current_registry``.  However, in
   1.2a5 and below, the Configurator supplied no functionality that
   allowed people to make sure that ``get_current_registry`` returned
   the registry implied by the configurator being used.  ``begin`` now
   serves this purpose.  Inversely, ``end`` pops the thread local
   stack, undoing the actions of ``begin``.

   We make this boundary explicit to reduce the potential for confusion
   when the configurator is used in different circumstances (e.g. in
   unit tests and app code vs. just in initial app setup).

   Existing code written for 1.2a1-1.2a5 which does not call ``begin``
   or ``end`` continues to work in the same manner it did before.  It
   is however suggested that this code be changed to call ``begin`` and
   ``end`` to reduce the potential for confusion in the future.

- All ``paster`` templates which generate an application skeleton now
   make use of the new ``begin`` and ``end`` methods of the
   Configurator they use in their respective copies of ```` and


- All documentation that makes use of a ``Configurator`` object to do
   application setup and test setup now makes use of the new ``begin``
   and ``end`` methods of the configurator.

Bug Fixes

- When a ``repoze.bfg.exceptions.NotFound`` or
   ``repoze.bfg.exceptions.Forbidden`` *class* (as opposed to instance)
   was raised as an exception within a root factory (or route root
   factory), the exception would not be caught properly by the
   ``repoze.bfg.`` Router and it would propagate to up the call stack,
   as opposed to rendering the not found view or the forbidden view as
   would have been expected.

- When Chameleon page or text templates used as renderers were added
   imperatively (via ``Configurator.add_view`` or some derivative),
   they too-eagerly attempted to look up the ``reload_templates``
   setting via ``get_settings``, meaning they were always registered in
   non-auto-reload-mode (the default).  Each now waits until its
   respective ``template`` attribute is accessed to look up the value.

- When a route with the same name as a previously registered route was
   added, the old route was not removed from the mapper's routelist.
   Symptom: the old registered route would be used (and possibly
   matched) during route lookup when it should not have had a chance to
   ever be used.

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