Chris McDonough wrote:
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> I assumed it was just acquisition trickery. Looking more closely,
>>> uses the repoze.vhm.virtual_root via the getVirtualRoot in the
>>> repoze.vhm.utils package to get the virtual root and it seems to create
>>> the correct path for traversal regardless of the issue. Just some small
>>> things are off, like content actions and I just noticed that related
>>> items don't show also.
>> Well, if ACTUAL_URL is wrong, then that's a serious bug.
> TBH, I never really understood what ACTUAL_URL was supposed to do.  Limi added
> it at some point, but I'm pretty sure he never really understood what it was
> supposed to do either. ;-)  Or at least he'll deny knowing anything about it.

Ah, history...

Limi *wanted* ACTUAL_URL to be "what the user sees", so basically the 
virtual or real URL, *and* the query string, if any.

What he got was something which is basically the same as VIRTUAL_URL if 
that's set, or URL if not. It's still useful, though, since VIRTUAL_URL 
is not set at all if you're not using VHM (in standard Zope). So 
request['ACTUAL_URL'] is a safe way to get "the real URL people see". 
And to get what Alex wanted, you'd need request['ACTUAL_URL'] + '?' + 

> I'm going to defer to the professionals here; I don't use this package much
> anymore, so you'll need to use some judgment and check in a fix that is more
> correct I think.

I figured. :)

I think Nathan's on the right path, though we just need to do some 
sanity checks with a live running site to be sure.


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