Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> I assumed it was just acquisition trickery. Looking more closely,
>> uses the repoze.vhm.virtual_root via the getVirtualRoot in the
>> repoze.vhm.utils package to get the virtual root and it seems to create
>> the correct path for traversal regardless of the issue. Just some small
>> things are off, like content actions and I just noticed that related
>> items don't show also.
> Well, if ACTUAL_URL is wrong, then that's a serious bug.

TBH, I never really understood what ACTUAL_URL was supposed to do.  Limi added 
it at some point, but I'm pretty sure he never really understood what it was 
supposed to do either. ;-)  Or at least he'll deny knowing anything about it.

>> If PATH_INFO is how it decides on what object to traverse to, then we
>> should be explicitly setting it in the xheader filter like is done in
>> the xpath filter.
> I think that'd be safer, but you  may want to ask Chris what he thinks 
> as well. Looking at how plain Zope 2 behaves, PATH_INFO is meant to 
> contain the full path that Zope is traversing to, virtual hosting or 
> not. So maybe, by setting PATH_INFO correctly, we can avoid the 
> interplay between repoze.zope2 and repoze.vhm entirely, or at least 
> reduce it. I guess setting ACTUAL_URL is still a repoze.zope2 
> responsibility, but beyond that, trying to get bits of information from 
> repoze.vhm creates a slightly weird dependency across two packages.

I'm going to defer to the professionals here; I don't use this package much 
anymore, so you'll need to use some judgment and check in a fix that is more 
correct I think.

- C

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