When installing repoze.bfg, I currently get "zope.component" 3.6.0,
since this is the version available in the known good set at

Do you think it could be updated to a more recent version? I am mostly
interested in "zope.component" 3.8.0 where dependencies on "zope.proxy"
and "zope.security" have been removed from "zope.component.zcml" (more
precisely, there is no hard dependency anymore). [1]

The change log (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.component#changes)
looks harmless but I may be missing something.

I have run the BFG trunk tests with the latest version of
"zope.component" (3.9.1) without any error. I also have run the tests of
a small application that makes a very simple use of the ZCA (indirectly,
cf. [1]) but it is not really significant.

(I know I could pin down the version of zope.component in my own
application, of course.)

[1] Use case: I would like to use the "i18n:registerTranslations" ZCML
directive. But "zope.i18n.zcml" imports "zope.component.zcml". I could
of course add a dependency on these required "zope.security" and
"zope.proxy" in my application but this does not look like the right
thing to me. (The alternative is of course to mimic what this ZCML
directive does, which I did, first. But I would like to avoid that if

Damien Baty
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