Steve Schmechel wrote:
> Any chance of getting an updated or alternate path in the 
> tutorial documentation for deploying to GAE?
> This is a very interesting deployment option, especially if
> users do not have to rip out the default template system and 
> substitute another to get it working.
> Will the Chameleon version 1.1 release made today make 
> it into the BFG 1.2 release as the default?

At this point I am slightly more worried about what's in the nascent "BFG Book" 
(of which that tutorial is a part) than I am about what makes it into any 
specific release of BFG.  This is because making a release of BFG is cheap, but 
making a printed release of the book is more expensive.

So in any case, yes, the tutorial will be updated eventually, and some BFG 
release will come to depend on Chameleon 1.1+.  I don't know whether the 
updated tutorial will make it into the first release of the book.

- C

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