Le 29/01/10 10:17, Hanno Schlichting a écrit :
> [...]
> With BFG you don't have any of those backwards compatibility
> concerns, so zope.babel won't make any sense in this environment.

I must be missing something, here. Let's restrict the use case to
template i18n. In my BFG app, I use Chameleon. And Chameleon is pretty
tied up to "zope.i18n" (cf. "chameleon.core.i18n"), isn't it? One way or
another, I have to register an utility for ITranslationDomain. That is
what "zope.babel" seems to do, using (a subset of) Babel message
catalogs instead of "zope.i18n" ones (although I am not quite sure that
they are very different). So "zope.babel" seems useful to me if I want
to use Babel advanced features.

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