New submission from Will Seaver <>:

p. 153: in the example given:

def sample_view(request):
      response = render_template_to_response('templates/', foo=1, bar=2)
      response.content_type = 'text/plain'
      reponse.status_int = 204
      return response
Are the response.content_type and response.status_int statements making
assertions about the response, or defining the response?

p. 154: "The association of a template as a renderer for a view configuration
makes it possible to replace code with a view callable that handles the
rendering of a template." Is this done within the configure.zcml?

p. 154: "The path [to the renderer] can alternately be a resource specification
in the form some.dotted.package_name:relative/path, making it possible to
address template resources which live in another package." can this also be done
in zcml?

section 13.4: Templating with Chameleon Text Templates
Are there any advantages to using .txt files as templates (as opposed to using
.pt), or is this just another equally valid way of doing things?

section 13.6: Automatically Reloading Templates
adding "--reload" at startup time eliminates the need to change anything inside
the .ini file, right?

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