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I have a single macro with a doctype and the html/head/body structure and some
slots that I
use in every template. When using Chameleon <=1.1.1 the doctype is inserted in
the rendered HTML. 

With Chameleon 1.1.2 the doctype is missing, causing mayhem in IE (quirks mode).
I had to add the doctype to each of my templates to get it working again. 
This is obviously related to issue116. 

I would think this is a bug, but maybe it isn't and putting the doctype in the
templates makes more sense. Maybe we can have best of both worlds, xml/doctype
declarations can be made everywhere, but exact duplicates should be removed.

messages: 374
nosy: JasperOC
priority: bug
status: unread
title: Chameleon - can't create xml and doctype declarations from macro

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