Malthe Borch wrote:
> On 4 March 2010 22:02, Kevin Kalupson <> wrote:
>> I wouldn't expect the the xml headers in a macro template to be applied to 
>> the
>> page template being rendered.  It makes no sense to me that an element not
>> contained within a macro definition would be applied to the page calling the
>> macro under any situation.
> I sort of agree, except how else would we provide this functionality?
> Or is it actually the case that it doesn't make sense for a macro to
> control these headers –– I suspect it is.

 From a template developer's POV, it's useful to apply the same XML 
declarations throughout a site using metal.  The current syntax is 
non-obvious and perhaps problematic, but workable.  Some other syntax 
might be better, but let's not break the current syntax in the 1.1 branch.


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