On 4/9/10 6:41 PM, Iain Duncan wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion. In this case, what I am doing is handing off
> the login form generation to  the package that is domain application
> specific, I want that away from my framework code. Right now, all domain
> app specific code is in it's package and gets registered through its own
> configure.zcml
> I couldn't get the repoze.who.FormPlugin to call the formcallable using
> a who.ini file ( see earlier message ), so I subclassed FormPlugin,
> which is obviously a hack. But, I do like the idea that the form
> generation callable gets plucked out of the registry.  I suppose a
> better solution would be to have an auth package that has my form
> generation callable in it, and have that get the form from the registry.
> But I was stumped on getting FormPlugin to do what I wanted. :-/

The fact that a formcallable can be used by the FormPlugin but is not 
configurable via the who.ini is probably a bug (I haven't verified this 
myself).  It'd be cool if someone who isn't me or Tres could fix that, or at 
least put an entry in the http://bugs.repoze.org tracker about it so me or Tres 
can fix it later.

A bit of historical context: the plugins that ship with repoze.who are really 
basic.  If you need more capability, it is expected that you will subclass or 
even replace existing plugins that do what you need, so it's totally reasonable 
that you did just that.  (I don't personally think it's reasonable that you 
made it look in a ZCA registry to *get* the form callable, but that's really 
none of my business at all.)

- C
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