On 4/13/10 7:03 PM, Iain Duncan wrote:
> Hi, I have some custom middleware that is intended to use the same ZCA
> registry as my bfg app. I've altered the run.py in the bfg app to tell
> it to use the global site manager, and the middleware looks up utilities
> by doing
> self.gsm = getGlobalSiteManager()
> self.gsm.queryUtility etc
> This is all working fine for the app. But recently my isolated tests
> stopped working. I know the environment is different now, new bfg, newer
> release of zope.component, but I can't figure out how to make them work
> anymore. I want the following to give me a registry populated from the
> configure.zcml file in the pets packag, but instead it seems to be empty:
>   def test_gsm_setup(self):
> "test_gsm_setup - test that we can setup a zca registry from the model file"
>          import pets
>          xmlconfig.file('configure.zcml', package=pets)
>          gsm = getGlobalSiteManager()
>          assert sm._utility_registrations

Use the pattern from 
instead, but extend it just like you did for your BFG app at startup time, e.g.:

def test_gsm_setup(self):
     from repoze.bfg.configuration import Configurator
     from zope.component import getGlobalSiteManager
     gsm = getGlobalSiteManager()
     assert gsm._utility_registrations

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