On 4/25/10 9:23 AM, Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 25.04.2010, 15:19 Uhr, schrieb Chris McDonough<chr...@plope.com>:
>> (In particular, if you need this feature and you want to volunteer to
>> *finish*
>> these docs, I'd be ecstatic.
> Chris,
> this is great news!
> Is there a timeline for this? I'm hoping to start work on porting my first
> Zope application to BFG "at some point in May" and, living in Germany,
> i18n and l10n are definitely nice to have.

The i18n features described in the docs are already implemented.  The trunk can 
be released as 1.3 alpha as soon as the i18n docs are in roughly the same shape 
as the rest of the documentation.

- C
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