Chris Withers wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there anything akin to Django's form generation and handling stuff 
> that's recommended for use with BFG?

repoze.bfg.formish is probably your best bet right now:

it's being used pretty heavily by the KARL project, so there's lots of in-use 
code to look at, the <formish:form> tags (and the classes they refer to) in 
this file are a good place to start:

chris has been working on repoze.deform, which is similar in many ways to 
repoze.bfg.formish, but takes a different approach to serialization, along w/ 
some other differences.  see:


the deform stuff is much less battle-worn, however; not only has 
repoze.bfg.formish been around for longer, but formish itself has a life of 
its own outside of repoze-land, whereas i'm not sure if deform has even seen 
any production use yet.


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