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> This piece of software will be an important piece of any new CMS-ish
> systems I develop going forward, so it's important to me that I get it
> right.  Therefore, as always, and even more so, feedback on the
> documentation and demo software is appreciated.  Tryouts are even more
> appreciated.

Hi Chris,

just flipping through the documentation and things are looking good. I  
like the fact that schemas avoid the confusion that Zope "interfaces as  
schemas" can cause. Nevertheless, it can be convenient to be able to tie  
them together.

As with all libraries of this kind the necessary abstraction requires some  
new concepts or terminologies. I think I understand and like the  
appstruct, cstruct and pstruct things (if not the names) but only working  
with them will let me know. However, the definition of pstruct is either  
incorrect or misleading:

Data deserialized by Peppercorn to a representation suitable for  
consumption by a deform deserializer. Usually, when used in deform, a  
cstruct is composed entirely of lists, dictionaries, strings, and file  

I guess it should be "pstruct" in the second sentence. What happens to  
data going through a form and back is key to understanding what any form  
library has to do.

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