Hi all!

The FrOSCon is approaching. The FrOScon is a fairly huge Open Source
Software Conference in St. Augustin near Bonn. It is the biggest
OSS-event in west germany. See http://www.froscon.org/ for more information.

It oocurs on August 21st/22nd, 2010 which is a weekend.

The German Zope User Group DZUG e.V. is presenting Zope and friends at a
booth – and we might have a Developer Room, which mean that we can make
our own program for two days.

In the last years we had Plone and Grok workshops which were a great
success. This year I would like to offer a BFG-workshop for beginners.

Is anyone interested to guide such a workshop?


Jan Ulrich Hasecke
DZUG e.V. (Deutschsprachige Zope User Group)

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