On Thu, 2010-07-01 at 08:11 -0700, Steve Schmechel wrote:
> So what do you get with the used book, when you purchase it for more than 10 
> times the new book price?  Does it come packed in illegal drugs?
> How about the new book someone is selling for £1,200.18 (plus £2.75 for 
> delivery)?  And the seller has "179358 ratings 96% positive in the last 12 
> months"?
> Either there is something really special in that deal, or I am charging much 
> to little for my services.  Maybe, I'll demand a 1000% raise tomorrow - that 
> should simply delight my employer.  :-)
> If that doesn't work I'll auction my copy of Chris's book on eBay starting at 
> $10,001.96 with *FREE* shipping.  That would make the Repoze book by far my 
> best investment for 2010!

I can beat that price, for the record.  /pm me ;-)

- C

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