Maybe some of this well help, I'm serving with paster serve --reload (
though removing reload doesn't seem to help ).

It definitely seems like paster and/or bfg are not keeping up for some
reason ( could be me! ). In my calendar app, a ton of static requests are
made very quickly to get all the bits of dojo. After that, the first request
to my regular bfg app always gets a server 500, even though the exact same
code triggered from the console after time has passed *always* works.
Further, putting in a really long timeout before the app initializes seems
to fix this, but it needs to be like 5 seconds. The request in question does
*not* depend on any thing that should be happening in that amount of time
though, it's just a simple json hit.

Has anyone had experience with paster/bfg issues like this? Do I maybe need
to serve up all my js and css separately?

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