Dear list,

I am trying to do dual authentication. I am using repoze-who with
pylons. (Due to my distribtion version 1.0.18 of repoze-who).
I'd like to do form authentication when accessing a url with a browser
and basic auth (or rather I'd use digest auth) when accessing with a API

I followed the only description I could find by Chris Miles. It worked
out fine so far.

But I am serving  my application through apache using mod_wsgi. AND I am
using https, and unfortunately the plugin does not work for
The 'HTTP_AUTHORIZATION': 'Basic hjksjhudsiuz',
is not contained in the environ dictionary.

Do you got any ideas for using https or even digest auth?

I suspect I would have to write my own plugin for this (which would be
ok for me, too)

Kind regards

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