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>> You are right, I saw it at first time... but are you able to load this
>> URL? It seems down from 2 days until now...
>> Strange thing: I've the same problem with the google cache version!
> You can read the docs as plain text files in /src/chameleon/docs
> or build these docs with sphinx::
>  svn co http://svn.repoze.org/chameleon/trunk/ chameleon
>  mkdir build-docs
>  sphinx-build chameleon/src/chameleon/docs ./build-docs
> It will lack the auto generated api documentation if chameleon is not 
> importable
> from sphinx

chameleon reference in up again, however I found that this translation
reference is based only on zope.i18 that I already tried in bfg 1.2
version without being able to see it working (a lot of dependencies

I don't understand a thing: so the bfg.18n package is only for
translating strings inside python code? As far as I need to translate
templates I can simply forget this module and go back to use zope.18n?

-- luca
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