On 02/03/2011 02:36, Shane Hathaway wrote:
Can we expect a 1.3.x release that fixes this, or is 2.0 the only way
forward? I'm seeing some regressions in 2.0, like the fact that "|" in
expressions doesn't seem to be supported anymore. (I need to replace
those anyway, so I'm not complaining--they are greedy exception

Also, a quirky behavior of the reference TAL implementation is if you
use unknown attribute names in the "tal" namespace, those attributes get
stripped from the output. It's a useful feature; it allows me to write
comments about a tag. I always spell the comment attributes as
"tal:comment". Chameleon 2.0-rc2 raises an exception on my "tal:comment"
attributes, while 1.3 ignored them. Can we have tal:comment or the
original behavior back?

Interesting, I use this technique a lot, and I didn't experience this problem with my brief test of 2.0-rc2.

I agree that if this really has changed, the original behaviour should come back. It's a bit of a non-starter otherwise :-S



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