Just getting started with Chameleon, looks to be just what I want.

1) Calling templates. I couldn't find complete examples, but it looks
like we need to explicitly pass in a PageTemplateLoader when calling the
template in order to call other templates or macros? 

Eg if 'templates' is a PageTemplateLoader then we can go:

<p metal:use-macro="templates['header.pt'].macros['header']" />
<p metal:use-macro="templates.load('header.pt').macros['header']" />

Or to insert insert content:
<p tal:replace="structure templates.load('footer.htm').body" />

Is there any shorter way to do this? Can the template loader be passed

2) Repeat and macro expansion don't seem to respect indentation levels.
Are there any options for pretty formatting of html output? I guess I'll
have to parse then reformat in a separate phase?

3) Can we have >1 template per file?


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