> <p metal:use-macro="templates['header.pt'].macros['header']" />
> [snip]
> Is there any shorter way to do this? Can the template loader be passed
> implicitly?

It would easy to include a load function or even expression, i.e.
"load: ../header.pt", but as that example illustrates, it would be
relative to where the template itself is located.

We could include something like that. Anyone else with an opinion on this?

> 2) Repeat and macro expansion don't seem to respect indentation levels.
> Are there any options for pretty formatting of html output? I guess I'll
> have to parse then reformat in a separate phase?

Repeat clauses should have indentation, computed as the whitespace on
the line of element definition.

The macro implementation does not take indentation into account. That
might be a bug. I don't know the performance impact of having to go
through the items in the output queue and add the indentation to each.
Might not be bad.

> 3) Can we have >1 template per file?

You want to have them "named" somehow then? What sort of syntax are
you thinking about it?

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