We are running into an i18n conundrum with deform. Basically what happens is this:

- we have a sequence item in a colander schema with a title, which
  is a TranslationString instance
- deform generates an add-button for the sequence which uses this
  title using something similar to _('Add ${title}', mapping={...})

When the add button is rendered its label is translated, but the sequence item title is not translated. I can see two ways of fixing

1. translationstring detects translatable items in its mapping, and
   if it finds any it translates those before replacing them
2. deform (and others who do similar things) must manually translate
   mapping items

I'm not sure what the best option is. The second option may not be viable since I'm not sure the request or translate function is available at the places where you would need it. The first option adds extra complexity to translationstring, which isn't very attractive either. I suspect that is still the better option though.



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