> In TG2, you can add something like the following to
> "{yourproject}.config.app_cfg":
>    app_cfg.sa_auth.mdproviders = [('foo', FooPlugin()), ('bar', BarPlugin())]
> See:
> http://turbogears.org/2.0/docs/main/Auth/Customization.html

Oh right, yes; I did in fact do that... I should just shut up about
mdproviders permanently ;) Thanks for making it clear though, I was
having a little trouble learning everything AND figuring out how to
apply the documentation in some cases.

> In that function, the plugins are grouped by type in a dictionary
> whose keys are the interfaces (i.e., classes) and the items are the
> plugins themselves *in the same order they were defined*.

You are correct, thanks for the clarification. I had to go back and
study closely; I had misinterpreted this line's behavior:
> L = interface_registry.setdefault(iface, [])

I don't remember the ordering details anymore, but I can figure it out
from here. I do think that the suggested change would be a good one,
so I'll leave that to you to consider - but I believe I can manipulate
the registry exclusively from my own code with this new understanding,
so I'm glad I'll be able to make it work whether or not repoze.who
gets updated...

Thanks for your time and patience.

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