Title: 7 Valuable Ezine Content Tips

Author: Ken Hill

Copyright: 2005 Ken Hill

Words: 403

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7 Valuable Ezine Content Tips
by Ken Hill

1. Provide a list of resources.

You could list your 10 favorite business sites along with a 
brief description of what each site offers. 

You could do also some research to find sites that would be 
of value to your readers, and then list each site along with 
an overview of what they provide.

2. Provide your top 7 or top 10 tips on a subject.

You could write up your top 10 web promotion tips or your 
top 7 tips for new bloggers.

You could also provide your top 10 mistakes (i.e., Top 10 
Ad Writing Mistakes) along with your solutions to each of 
these common problems.

3. Do an e-mail interview.

E-mail interviews are easy to put together and will provide 
your readers with relevant information.

Your interview could be in traditional article format or you 
could use the Q & A format for your interview.

Tip: For a great article on this subject visit:

4. Write a how to article.

Your how to article should solve a common problem your 
target audience faces. 

For example, if your target audience is ezine publishers,
your how to article could show your readers step by step how 
they can get more new subscribers or how they can create 
winning content.

5. Ask your readers to send you their profiles.

You could run a new profile every couple of issues that 

- what business your subscriber is in
- where your subscriber is located.
- your subscriber's web site address
- how your subscriber uses the information in your ezine.

6. Share how you've benefited your clients or customers.

You could publish a "before and after" where you show your 
customer's original ad copy and then your new ad copy along 
with a summary of how you've improved it.

You could also give a real life example of how you've solved 
a problem for your client, and use that as a springboard to 
providing more useful tips.

7. Write a product review.

Have you recently purchased a product that you are thrilled 

Let your subscribers know all about it through your product
review, and increase your commissions by publishing your 
review with your affiliate link.

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