Title: Ultimate Weight Loss Method Revealed in Fitness Expert's Best-Selling 
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Ultimate Weight Loss Method Revealed in Fitness Expert's Best-Selling Ebook
by Terry Mansfield

Fighting the "battle of the bulge" is the ultimate challenge for
many of us as we try to get our weight under control and keep it
under control. Brad Callen, Fitness Consultant and instructor of
the Image Transformation Weight Loss System(tm), understands that
challenge and says he is ready and willing to help. In fact, he
claims he's uncovered some key secrets to weight loss, and has
captured them in his best-selling ebook "Ultimate Weight Loss
Revealed" in which he asserts you can safely lose up to 30
pounds a month.

So what sort of weight loss secrets is a renowned weight loss
expert like Brad Callen sharing as part of what he calls the
Image Transformation Weight Loss System(tm)? Well, some of them
appear to be pretty compelling indeed, such as:

-- The 3 things that always speed up your metabolism

-- Why you should never perform aerobic exercise within 2 hours
of a meal if you want to lose weight

-- What the best time of the day is for exercise so you can
effortlessly peel away years of unwanted fat and inches (If you
don't know this you will never see noticeable weight loss results)

-- How to be in the top 10% of people at the gym who know exactly
what they're doing to rapidly lose weight

-- What no one is telling you about your metabolism. (Without
this piece of the puzzle, you'll never lose weight)

-- Why the myth of intense weight training for building up dense
muscle tissue to speed up your metabolism isn't entirely true (If
you don't know what you're doing you could end up bigger and
bulkier with a wrestler's physique. - learn how to really use
weight training to effectively burn fat off your trouble areas)

-- Why you absolutely must do a specific weight training routine
along with aerobic exercise to see life long weight loss results

-- Which is most important for losing weight? (A) Proper
Nutrition (B) Specialized Aerobic Exercise (C) Specialized
Anaerobic Exercise

-- True or false? Being sore for up to 2 days after a workout is
a good thing or a bad thing?

-- Know undoubtedly which sources of protein, carbohydrates, and
veggies you can eat for maximum weight loss results

-- Learn which fats can kill and which can heal you and slender
your body down What type of fat you should consume daily (at
least 1 tablespoon) to see excellent results for losing weight
and firming up

-- What the 2 most important meals of the day are. (HINT: If
you don't know this, it's arguable whether you'll ever lose
significant weight)

-- What your metabolism cycles are so you can effortlessly lose
weight, accelerate your metabolism and firm up, tone down and
look your best surprisingly fast

So why publish an ebook? Well, Brad Callen says it's "the fastest
and easiest way I can reach the masses" who need responsible and
effective help with weight loss and in controlling and managing
their weight. However, Callen emphasizes that he's "not making
any outlandish claims that you'll lose 20, 30 pounds in a week."
But he does claim that "not only will you get the unvarnished
truth about losing weight, and how to do it once and for all with
significant results -- you'll be able to lose weight in a healthy
and natural way." Brad Callen says the bottom line -- and the
only way to go -- is a "safe and natural weight loss" of about 5
to 7 pounds a week. Callen emphasizes that 5 to 7 pounds a week
may not sound like much at first glance, but asks "What if you
lost 32 pounds or more in two months time?" Not only is that a
significant weight loss, it would be comforting to know that it
can be achieved "in a natural 'intuitive' healthy way" that is
"scientific weight loss at its best."

Well, for those of us who've tried just about everything out
there to not only get our weight under control and but then to
keep it under control, the weight loss secrets Brad Callen offers
to reveal seem pretty enticing indeed. So maybe they're worth a
few minutes of your time to explore further, so you can judge for
yourself whether or not his Image Transformation Weight Loss
System(tm) truly is the "Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed", as he
asserts in his ebook.

If you'd like further information on what fitness expert and
best-selling author Brad Callen says will be "the single best
investment you've ever made in achieving your weight loss goals,"
you can find it at:


Copyright  2005 Terry Mansfield

About Terry: Terry Mansfield is Owner/President of First World
Enterprises, providing online customers world-wide with a choice
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