Title: Don't Cover Up A Zit Until You Read This
Author: Naweko San-Joyz
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Don't Cover Up A Zit Until You Read This
by Naweko San-Joyz

The two key symbols to remember when applying makeup and
moisturizers are cotton and the feather. Cotton symbolizes the
need to use clean applicators when applying makeup. The feather
represents light application of makeup and moisturizers.

Here are the four biggest mistakes women make in their beauty
regime that can lead to acne and ways to remedy them.

1. Re-using a consealer applicator

You have a zit and you want to hide it. So what do you do? Dip
your consealer applicator in the bottle and apply the liquid
cover directly to the inflamed zit, right. No. Reapplying
consealer to your face with the applicator provided by the
manufacturer does one thing only, spread more bacteria. Once you
apply the consealer to your face with the applicator wand, you
simply return it to the bottle where the bacteria have a whole
container in which to flourish. Giving bacteria a breeding
ground is what causes acne in the first place, so don’t give
them new real estate in which to reproduce.

To avoid this, apply your consealer with a cotton swab and never,
ever use the applicator stick provided by the consealer
manufacturer. This will ensure that your consealer applications
are always fresh and free of as much bacteria as possible.

2. Re-using a foundation sponge

The reasons for not re-using a foundation sponge are the same as
the reason for not re-using a consearler applicator, you want to
limit the spread of bacteria.

Never use the foundation sponge provided by the manufacturer of
the cosmetic. Instead, use a cotton ball to apply your foundation.
This way, each of your foundation applications will be clean.

3. Applying moisturizers and makeup with a heavy hand.

Do you have the habit of piling layers of makeup onto your face?
Caking on your makeup clogs your pores. Clogged pores are an
ideal breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

Always lightly apply your makeup and moisturizer. One easy trick
for assuring that you are applying your makeup and moisturizer
lightly is that you feel a tickling sensation as you apply your
cosmetics. The added benefit of light facial handling is that you
reduce stretching and irritating your skin, a combination that
can help limit the onset of wrinkles and acne breakouts.

4. Not evenly applying cosmetics

If you notice a collection of pimples surrounding your temple or
hairline, this could be because you start applying the makeup or
moisturizer at the bottom of your face and work your way upward.
However, if the makeup or moisturizer collects on your temples or
at the hairline, the cosmetic excess may clog the pores and cause

When applying makeup or a moisturizer, spread it evenly across
the entire face. Keep in mind that hair styling agents may have
spread to your hairline and this increases the chances of the
pores getting congested and zits arising. Also, while cleansing
your face, apply a warm cloth onto your hairline area to help
remove the waxy build-up that comes from hair styling agents,
moisturizers and makeup.

So next time you are applying makeup or your moisturizer, call
to mind the feather and cotton, your metaphor for staying "light"
and "clean" with your skin.

Copyright © 2005 Naweko San-Joyz

About Naweko: Health author and Stanford University graduate
Naweko San-Joyz lovingly writes from her home in San Diego. Her
works include "Acne Messages: Crack the code of your zits and say
goodbye to acne" (ISBN: 0974912204) and the upcoming work "Skinny
Fat Chicks, Why we’re still not getting this dieting thing"
(ISBN: 0974912212) for release in June of 2005. For useful acne
self-help articles visit http://www.Noixia.com


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