Article Title: Teleclasses and Teleseminars: To Fr>e>e or
Not to Fr>e>e: That is the Question
Author Name: Julie Jordan Scott
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Word Count: 440
Category: Teleseminar Leading/Content Development
Copyright Date: 2005
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Teleclasses and Seminars: To Fr>e>e, 
Or Not to Fr*e*e - That is the Question.
C 2005
Julie Jordan Scott
Today, open to this image or metaphor
 for your non-fee based Teleclasses 
or Teleseminars.
Consider this: when you have a "freebie"
offering, what if you looked at it like a 
Dinner Party you host in your home?  You 
are simply issuing an invitation to people
for an engaging evening where you provide
a satisfying "Meal" (Valuable "food for 
thought, action and expansive growth); 
drinks and refreshment (spark a-ha's) and
collaborate to create some mutual delight.
What if you held that as your
primary intention?
Moving beyond or outside "this is an introduction
to something better you hafta pay for" which 
reminds me - what is one of the key things
people are "buying" when they 
enroll in your Teleclass?
Before you teach another freebie Teleclass
or teleseminar, ask yourself this question:
Do I have a solid intention beyond conversion 
of participants from this freebie session 
into my "fee" session?
1. Do you have a solid intention for your 
fr>e>e class outside of "signing people 
up" for your not-so-fr*e*e offering?  
Be sure to hold a "valuable to all" intention 
throughout the class - one that mixes "mutual 
delight" for both you and your participants
into the recipe.  
You should receive something from the 
experience - whether or not any green 
energy is ever exchanged.
2. Does your fr>e>e class turn into a 
sales presentation, or does it add value to
the lives of the participants and "issue an
 invitation" rather than come on as a 
"hard sale"?
3. Are you actually being blocked from
making money on Teleclasses from following 
a FR>e>e teleclass model  to F>e>e teleclass
fee model?
You may want to consider your "Freebie" classes as 
a "Tour" of "Your restaurant", and continue to offer 
"new menu items" and people will return again, and
again, and again - and send their friends 
and bring their friends.
You also may want to have some lower priced
"menu items" as first time offerings rather than
Fre*e*bies - if ever you have any indication
that you are not feeling the "mutual delight"
 in holding a fr*e*ebie class, then by all 
means stop offering them - at least for a period
of time and test some other methods of 
attraction to your fee programs.
Focus on providing value, practical methods 
of action, expansive growth and a-ha's for all, 
and you will have success in all your programs. 

Julie Jordan Scott has been leading Teleclasses and 
Teleseminars since 1999 for thousands of people across the globe.
Learn the Method behind the Magic Now: Discover How 
to Lead Teleclasses and Teleseminars that Change Lives:


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