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Toward Remedies For Your Aching Joints

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Joint pain can really slow you down. Learn simple steps 
you can take to prevent joint pain from sidelining you.

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Toward Remedies For Your Aching Joints
Copyright © 2006 Kamau Austin, All Rights Reserved
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Joint pain can really slow you down. Learn simple steps you can 
take to prevent joint pain from sidelining you.

Knee, back, and hip pain is for many older persons the proverbial 
pain in the backside. Much of our persistent pain is caused by 

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis and a 
major source of pain in our joints like knees, elbows, hips and 

It is the result of degeneration of the cartilage in the joints 
and happens as we grow older.

The many symptoms and effects of osteoarthritis are compounded 
by the fact that as we age, our body loses its ability to 
effectively repair the cartilage of our joints. One of the prime 
symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA) is pain and stiffness of the 

While there is no simple known cure for OA, its symptoms can be 
relieved to a certain extent through the use of drugs -
supplements and other treatments.

One of the primary actions you can take for joint aches is rest. 
You should also steadily avoid any activity that puts undue 
pressure on the joint.

-- An Overview of factors contributing to Osteoarthritis --

Research has shown that obesity is one of the contributing 
factors for OA. Thus, weight loss is one of the recommended 
remedies for joint ache relief.

Even a loss of 5 to 10 pounds of body weight can significantly 
reduce the pressure on the lower joints of your body (hips, 
knees and ankles). Another preventive step you can take (after 
conferring with your doctor or health professional) is to --
remain active.

Joint surfaces tend to show more wear and tear with age. Also, 
the body does produce adequate amounts of lubrication fluids for 
the joints as you grow older. This is where exercise proves 

Any movement helps in the delivery of vital minerals to a joint. 
Also, you can better lubricate a joint if you keep it warm by 
moving it.

An exercise routine for seniors is very necessary to keep the 
joints nimble. Again, always check with your physician first 
before starting with physical exercise.

The best warm up routine for maturing persons is one which 
involves gentle stretching. We should usually look towards low 
impact activities like brisk walking, swimming etc.

A non-invasive way of treating joint aches is the application of 
herbal creams. These are usually absorbed through the skin and 
are good at providing temporary relief.

Check with your doctor because many of these creams may not 
be strong enough to provide you adequate relief.

You can also seek out homeopathic medicines for joint ache 
relief. Most practitioners of homeopathy recommended the 
taking of vitamin and mineral supplements in these cases.

Some supplements to consider are:

- cod liver oil and kelp
- minerals like copper, iron and zinc, and
- vitamins A, C, E and B-complex.

There is a whole range of alternative therapies which promise 
to ease joint aches. An exotic one is acupuncture.

Now, a modern equivalent of acupuncture is also gaining 
popularity. It is called transcutaneous electrical nerve 
stimulation or TENS.

Also, you might want to try ginger baths. Even soaks and 
compresses have been effective for some people with this herb.

This is because they soothe the joint through warmth, thereby 
relieving the soreness. Another potion is warm footbath for 
aching ankles.

Essential oils can also be helpful in this regard (especially 
peppermint and rosemary). They are purported to be particularly 
effective if taken just before bed.

Some people claim Allopathic drugs can help to relieve the pain 
and inflammation.

Until recently, NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 
were the standard drug therapy recommended for patients of OA. 
Examples of these drugs include aspirin and ibuprofen.

They certainly help in short term pain relief and inflammation 
suppression. But recent studies show that NSAIDS might actually 
promote the progression of Osteoarthritis. This is because they 
interfere and inhibit the cartilage repairing abilities of the 

Some studies suggest in the case of menopausal women, they even 
stimulate the condition of osteoporosis and impair the function 
of the immune system.

A good supplementary drug in place of NSAID might be glucosamine 
sulfate or GLS. This compound performs the function of a building 
block for GAGs (glycosaminoglycans).

GAGs promote the absorption of the mineral sulfur in the 
cartilage. The use of GLS has been found to produce better 
results than NSAIDS.

Doctors are also not averse to recommending the use of anti-
inflammatory herbs for standard ache relief. Not only this, 
they also supply bone-building minerals to the body.

-- Eat Away at Your Pain --

Diet also goes along way towards help with joint aches as a 
result of OA. You should take care to avoid...

- red meats
- sugar
- some vegetable oils (apart from olive oil) and
- alcohol.

You might also want to consider cortisone injections. If 
administered to an acutely inflamed joint, they sometimes give 
immediate relief. However, be aware that these injections have 
been proven to harm the body’s immune system.

-- Try Supplemental Healing --

Fortunately there are natural products that can give you all 
of the benefits of stronger pharmaceuticals, but without the 
potentially harmful side effects. The makers of Phosoplex appear 
to provide such a product. Phosoplex™, available from Amazon and, provides joint lubrication, pain relief and 
can actually help rebuild the cartilage between the joints.

By undertaking some thoughtful lifestyle changes, including 
exercise, some dietary changes and the introduction of some 
supplementation, you can go a long way to combating joint pain. 

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