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Does It Hit Your Sweet Spot?

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If someone asked me to summarise the Law of Attraction in a 
phrase, I would say: "listen to and be guided by your emotions"

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Written By:     Julie Plenty
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Does It Hit Your Sweet Spot?
Copyright © 2006 Julie Plenty
Law of Attraction Blog

If someone asked me to summarise the Law of Attraction in a 
phrase, I would say:

"listen to and be guided by your emotions"

Because within them lies the essential truth - if we relinquish 
the judgement, the labelling and guilt about our emotions and 
look through for what they are telling us.

Most of reading this live in cultures where our emotions are 
often derided and our rational, logical, "problem solving skills" 
are applauded (I often wonder whether having problem solving 
ability leads you to create more problems in order to exercise 
that ability! Just a thought.......:.)

But our feelings about a given situation is the most reliable 
indicator and a fantastic boon when it comes to decision making.

The only difficulty is that we don't trust it. Or we strangle it 
at birth.

Haven't you noticed that the more reasons you create for 
following a course of action, the more "logical" reason you give 
is usually an indication that it's not the right path.  When 
something is right for you then you usually just "know" it; 
reasons become redundant.

You know when things look "good on paper", but don't mesh in your 

In tennis, the centre of the racket is called the Sweet Spot. 
It is the area of the string bed that produces the best 
combination of feel and power.  It is the perfect connection 
where the ball is hit most cleanly, most effectively; it 
resonates more deeply and just feels right.  It is the area of 
the racket that tennis players aim for.

Hitting the ball outside the sweet spot often leads to mishits 
and mistakes and you can really feel the dissonant vibrations 
when you mishit a ball.  You can often hear the jarring sound it 
makes.  And there's a nice parallel when situations jar with us 

Whenever I'm unsure of whether to follow a course of action, I 
ask myself: "Does it hit my sweet spot?".  Invariably the answer 
is no, because asking the question itself reveals the answer.  As 
such it is a useful internal barometer and shortcut.

Yet how many of us actually ask ourselves this kind of question?

Keep asking the question, heed your answer and keep following 
your sweet spot and watch the quality of your life soar!

Julie Plenty helps creative people achieve their goals using 
the <a href=>Law of 
Attraction</a> and authentic and inspired goal setting. 
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