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How to Buy Memory Foam Products Online

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Memory Foam is becoming a very popular bedding item! The problem 
is that not everybody is honest about their product and there are 
specific things one must look for when thinking about purchasing 
memory foam products.

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Written By:     Ross Goldberg
Copyright:      2006, Memory Foam University,
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How to Buy Memory Foam Products Online
Copyright © 2006, Memory Foam University, Ross Goldberg

Memory Foam is becoming a very popular bedding item! The problem 
is that not everybody is honest about their product and there are 
specific things one must look for when thinking about purchasing 
memory foam products.

Memory Foam was discovered by NASA. NASA was attempting to design 
a material that would absorb the tremendous G-Forces that were 
pushing against the astronauts during takeoff. Swedish scientists 
decided that this material would be great for bedding products. 
Now memory foam is used for all kinds of products from mattresses 
to pillows, from cushions, to pet beds and beyond. This memory 
foam buying guide is made to stop you from wasting your money on 
memory foam products that will not last.

There are a few specific tricks that sellers are currently using 
on the web that we everyone should be watching for:

1. Density is one of the most important things to watch for with 
memory foam. If someone is saying their product is 5.0 or 6.0, 
make sure that it is followed by lbs. or pounds because that is 
how density is measured in memory foam. Some sellers are 
referring to the weight of 2 cubic feet of memory foam, which is 
not a proper measurement. Proper measurement for the density of 
memory foam is the weight of 1 cubic foot of memory foam. The 
actual density of their product is between 2.5 and 3 lb. 
Tempurpedic mattresses are made of 5.3 lb. density memory foam. 
Doctors and Chiropractors recommend a 4.0 lb. memory foam because 
it is less firm and costs less. Any density below 4.0 lb. is not 
going to last very long, the higher the density the longer the 
foam will retain all of its original properties. 3.0 lb. memory 
foam and anything less dense should only be used in bedding 
products as a plush pillow top type layer, because it doesn't 
provide enough support to the body alone.

2. The other extremely important aspect of memory foam that you 
must find out before buying is the ILD rating of the foam. This 
rating tells you how firm the foam is. Memory foam ranges in ILD 
from 8-20. The lower the number, the softer the memory foam. 
Tempur material has an ILD of 14. Some people find Tempur 
material to be too firm, if that is the case with you, then you 
would want memory foam with a lower ILD.

3. If an item is priced too low, there is probably a reason. 
Unless a person is selling a used product, no memory foam topper 
or overlay should be selling for $25 - $30. If a price is too 
good to be true, there is a reason for it.

4. Make sure you ask questions of sellers with prices that seem 
too low. It is one thing to find a great deal and another to be 
ripped off and stuck with a product that isn't what it should be.

5.Be wary of any mattress that has less than 2 inches of memory 
foam. Memory foam mattresses all have a base to give support to 
the foam, not your body. Stomach sleepers should use at least 2 
inches of memory foam and side or back sleepers should have 3 or 
4 inches of memory foam for proper support.

These tricks are stealing money from people every day. Remember 
that it is difficult to get a retailer to do something about a 
faulty product in a year when their product stops working.

These steps below are the most important things that will help 
you get the most bang for your buck with memory foam products:

* Stay informed! Be aware of what you like and what you don't. 
5.0 lb. memory foam can be too firm for some people. If you like 
a softer mattress than you would be better off with the less 
expensive 4.0 lb. memory foam. There are also beds that combine 
the firmness of 5.0 lb. foam with a plush softer layer of the 
4.0 lb. foam

* Do your research!  Your research should be done at local 
furniture stores and through search engines like Google, Yahoo, 
or MSN. Check what websites are offering products for and what 
they come

* Check the warranty! TempurPedic warranties their mattresses for 
20 years and you should not spend your money with a company that 
doesn't give you 20 years on a warranty. Even TempurPedic is 
misleading with their warranty. Did you know that you have the 
cost of replacement after 10 years? Make sure that you get at 
least a ten year non-prorated warranty on any memory foam 

* Check the trial time! You need at least a few weeks to find out 
whether memory foam is right for you. If you don't get at least a 
90 day trial, don't buy the mattress! There is a reason for them 
not to offer you a trial. Be wary of sellers that don't offer a 
decent amount of time to test their product. Keep in mind that 
you will have to repackage the mattress and ship it back at your 
own expense in the event you decide not to keep your memory foam 
mattress, you should feel good about purchasing from the retailer 
you choose.

* With so many different companies selling memory foam it is 
difficult to make the right decision the first time around. We 
have heard of companies changing the name of their website and 
phone number so you can't find them! How's that for customer 

The bottom line is that you need to make sure you can trust the 
company that you purchase from. Check the Better Business Bureau 
and see how many complaints a company has against them before you 
purchase from them.


Copyright © 2006, Memory Foam University

Ross Goldberg is a disabled veteran of the Desert Storm Era. 
After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Permanent 
Nerve Damage, he purchased an expensive memory foam mattress for 
himself. Upon using it he became obsessed with understanding why 
it cost so much. What you are reading is the result of years of 
research and comes from a true expert in the bedding industry.



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