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Wedding Pearl Wearing Guide

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Choosing pearls for a wedding party is a loving task.  Jewelry 
that extra bit of frosting for each member of the wedding party 
– an elegant finishing touch.

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Wedding Pearl Wearing Guide
Copyright © 2006, PearlsOnly, Norma Jones

Choosing pearls for a wedding party is a loving task.  Jewelry 
that extra bit of frosting for each member of the wedding party 
– an elegant finishing touch.  You'll need to think about the 
overall wedding style as well as the needs of the wedding party. 
Factors such as pearl size, color and necklace lengths all come 
into play. 

Pearls are the timeless classics of every woman's jewelry 
collection.  A girl's first pearl is usually her first piece of 
jewelry and becomes the foundation of her jewelry wardrobe as she 
matures.  They are often passed down from one generation to the 

>From Mother to Daughter, Grandmothers to their granddaughters 
and Aunts to their nieces, family are heirlooms dating back 
generations and can symbolize a girl's past, present and future.  

A woman's pearls then become a symbol of her growth into 
adulthood as well as her new role with a family of her own.  
This is why pearls are so appropriate for the bride and her 
entire wedding party. 

Following are a few tips to choose the prefect wedding pearls. 

Wedding Style

First of all, consider the overall wedding style.  Will it be 
held in a cathedral or on a beach?  Will the ceremony be very 
traditional and formal or casual?  The bride and her party's 
jewelry are best when matched to the style of the wedding. 

Formal Weddings

For more formal weddings, choose larger, rounder white pearls. 
Traditional single, double and triple strands with matched 
bracelets and stud earrings will be appropriate. 

Casual Weddings and Non-Traditional Weddings

Jewelry for less formal weddings can incorporate more colors and 
design elements.  Look for colors to match the bridal party's 
dresses and theme.  For example, choose pink pearls for a spring 
garden wedding or black pearls for an Avant Garde or ultra modern 

You can also wear pearls for very non-traditional weddings as 
well.  Pearls in every color, size and shape are available in the 
jewelry marketplace.  Pick pearls to match your theme or color. 

Pearls for the Wedding Party

Next, let's think about how the entire wedding party can be 
perfectly adorned with pearls for the big day. 

Mothers and Grandmothers

For Moms and Grandmas on both sides of the wedding party, 
larger pearls, longer and multiple strands are very appropriate.  
As a woman ages, she is best suited by larger pearls, so seven 
millimeters is the starting point.  Also, the starting length 
range is 18 inches.  Generally about a 22 inch strand is 

As for color, this will depend on Mom and Grandma's tastes.  Most 
often white is most preferred.  However for Moms and Grandmas 
with an extra flair for color, pinks, lavenders, blacks are also 
available.  It is their day to celebrate their child and 
grandchild so, let them express themselves too.

Remember to give Mom and Grandma their pearls early so that 
they will have time to coordinate their wedding day attire -
generally, two to three months in advance. 


Pearls are also the perfect bridesmaids' gifts.  These pearls 
should be worn at the ceremony.  Typically, smaller pearls at 
shorter lengths are best.  Pearls in the six to seven millimeter 
range are most appropriate.  

The bride does have a choice of color of pearls.  She can choose 
traditional white for her bridesmaids or match pearls in pale 
pastel colors to their dresses.   For spring and summer weddings, 
think about fresh and lively colors, and for fall or winter 
weddings, look for darker and jewel toned pearls.    

Traditional lengths of 16 to 20 inches are most preferred. 
However, the pearl strand or pendant should fall at least one 
inch above or two inches below the neckline of the bridesmaids' 

As the dresses will be chosen by the bride well in advance, 
she should have ample time to prepare matched necklaces as 
bridesmaids' gifts.  The rehearsal dinner will be the appropriate 
occasion for these gifts.  To distinguish the maid of honor, she 
can wear a different color, slightly larger or longer pearls. 

Real cultured pearls are a very nice “Thank You" gift for 
bridesmaids.  They are real gemstones and can be worn for special 
occasions later on. 

Flower girls

Flower girls' jewelry can be a smaller version of the 
bridesmaids.  Since most flower girls will sprout inches within 
months, a longer necklace is very appropriate.  Pearls in the 
five to six millimeter range at about 14 inches will fit most 
young flower girls.   

They can match the bridesmaids or can be slightly different in 
color and size.  Flower girl jewelry can also be just a bit more 
fanciful with more colors and variety.  Think about drop shapes 
or off round shapes.

The rehearsal dinner is also a great time to give flower girls 
their wedding jewelry gifts. 

Fathers, Groomsmen and the Groom

Today, pearls can also be worn by the men in the wedding as well. 
Pearls can be worn incorporated into tie tacks, ascot pins, 
cufflinks and shirt studs. 

Small five to six millimeter can be set into shirt studs and 
matched cuff links.  Button shaped and half or blister pearls 
with a flattened side will set nicely into these wedding 

The color of the pearls can be determined when the clothing and 
accessories for the men are selected.  To blend in to a white 
shirt, white pearls can be used.  For a nice contrast, black 
pearls.  Also, if there is a theme to the wedding, specific 
colors are also available to match.

To distinguish the groom and his best man, they wear different 
color pearls as well.  Also, think about matching members of the 
wedding party.  The best man and maid of honor can be matched in 
pearl color and size.

Men's wardrobe for a wedding is also selected well in advance so; 
the pearl accessories will be an excellent gift for Dads and 
Groomsmen at rehearsal dinner. 

The Bride

The bride herself should have the largest and best pearls for her 
wedding day.  Her necklace should reflect her personal style as 
well as her wedding. 

The size of the pearls should be relative to her frame.  The 
starting pearl size is in the six to seven millimeter range for 
an average sized bride – at approximately 5'5" tall and weighing 
about 130 pounds.  Then, size up or down depending on the wearer. 
Also, take into account the bride's age.  As a woman matures, 
larger pearls are more appropriate. 

The length of her necklace should fall at least one inch above or 
two inches below the neckline of her dress.  The average length 
is about 16 to 18 inches for above the collar and 22+ inches for 

The bride has several choices for color.  For traditional 
weddings, white is most appropriate.  However, if the bride so 
chooses, she can wear any color she desires.  Also, if there are 
pearls on her dress, the color should match the jewelry as well.

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