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10 Steps To Save Your Retirement

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What is it that separates the successful from those who are not?
Successful individuals have a strong personal vision of what they 
want and why they want it. That vision gives them the strength to 
stick to their strategies even when doing so is uncomfortable. 

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Written By:     Lawrence Groves
Copyright:      2006
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10 Steps To Save Your Retirement
Copyright © 2006 Lawrence Groves
The Retirement Group

Many of the brightest and hardest-working marketing and 
advertising people in the country are obsessed with getting you 
to spend money and, if necessary, to go into debt to do so. 
Absolutely all the media that reach you every day are designed 
to get you to spend money. In order to save money in this 
environment, you will need determination to withstand the 
constant pressures to spend now.

What is it that separates the successful from those who are not?

Successful individuals have a strong personal vision of what they 
want and why they want it. That vision gives them the strength to 
stick to their strategies even when doing so is uncomfortable. 
It gives them the determination to persist when they are 
discouraged. This is the same characteristic of women 
entrepreneurs and is the reason their new, small businesses are 

The 401k Plan

Today, the 401(k) plan has become the main investment vehicle for 
working women to save for retirement. But many don't take full 
advantage of their plan, and this could leave them with a lot 
less at retirement. Here are some steps we believe you can take 
to improve and eliminate any retirement worries about whether or 
not your retirement will be pleasurable or public charity; or 
whether you will have all the free time to spend with your family 
or friends

1. Increase your contributions to the maximum that you can 
manage. Many women contribute just enough to take advantage of 
their employer's matching contributions, and then they stop. By 
adding more to your account, beyond the matching contributions, 
you'll end up with more in retirement.

2. Invest at the start of each year instead of taking a little 
bit out of each paycheck. Nothing in the law says you have to 
invest in a 401(k) plan a little at a time, from each paycheck. 
By investing early, you'll put your money to work sooner for your 

3. A few years ago it was reported that more than 30 percent of 
the money in 401(k) plans was invested in money-market funds or 
similar accounts. For investors nearing retirement, that may be 
appropriate. But most workers in their 40's and 50's need growth 
in their retirement investments. Put more of your investment fund 
in equities and less in money-market funds.

4. Research indicates that over long periods of time, small-
company stocks outperform large-company stocks. Since 1926, In 
the equity part of your portfolio, shift some of your money into 
funds that invest in small companies. Don't put your entire 
equity portfolio in small-company stocks. But consider investing 
at least 25 percent of your U.S. equity investments in that fund.

5. Numerous studies have shown that value stocks outperform 
growth stocks. According to data going back to 1964, large U.S. 
value companies had a compound rate of return of 15.1 percent vs. 
only 11.4 percent for large U.S. growth companies. Among small 
U.S. companies, the difference was even more striking: a compound 
return of 17.4 percent for the value stocks vs. 12.1 percent for 
the growth stocks. Don't put your entire equity portfolio into 
value stocks. But if there's a value fund available to you, 
consider investing at least 25 percent of your U.S. equity 
investments in that fund.

6.Rebalance your portfolio once a year. Your asset allocation 
plan calls for a certain percentage to be invested in each of 
several kinds of assets. Rebalancing restores your asset balance 
and allows for the possibility that last year's losers may be 
this year's gainers. Diluting your diversification actually 
increases risk in your portfolio over time, which is a result 
that's just the opposite of what most investors want.

7. Without compromising proper asset allocation– use the funds in 
your plan that have the lowest operating expenses. Choose funds 
with low turnover in their portfolios

8. Don't borrow or make early withdrawals from your 401(k) unless 
that is the only way to respond to a life-threatening emergency. 
Furthermore, if you take an early withdrawal before you are 59.5 
years old, your withdrawals will be subject to a 10 percent tax 
penalty (in addition to regular taxes) unless you are disabled. 
Just don't do it.

9. If you leave your job, you'll get a chance to roll over your 
401(k) into an IRA. Take that chance. In an IRA, you have the 
same tax deferral as a 401(k), and you'll have the flexibility to 
invest in virtually everything you can get in a 401(k), plus much 

10. Here's the most important thing you can do to maximize your 
401(k): Keep your contributions automatically payroll deducted, 
and make them no matter what. It's simple, but it's not easy. 
Half of the households in the United States have net worth of 
$25,000 or less. In a typical year, about two-thirds of U.S. 
households do not save money.

Remember, to be successful, first, imagine your early retirement; 
the Caribbean condo, the yacht, the new Lexus. Luxury and 
pleasure as far as your eyes can see. Create a strong vision, and 
then don't let go. The power of a clear, strong vision applies 
to more than just your retirement savings. Let your vision shape 
your life, instead of the other way around, and all of the time 
in the world can be yours. You won't be spending your Golden 
Years working at the Golden Arches.

Lawrence Groves is the Director of Solo 401k Retirement 
Administration Services for the Retirement Group. A nationally 
recognized author and retirement plan expert with over 25 years 
of plan design, administration, and compliance experience. Visit or 
Contact Lawrence at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or call 727-277-4137



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