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Title: Top 10 Ways to Get your Potential Clients to Respond to Your Email  
Author: Judy Cullins
Copyright 2006.  All Rights Reserved. 
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Category: Internet Marketing
Description: For reluctant marketers, introverts, and seasoned, savvy  
businesses, check out these 10 keys to a successful email promotion campaign so 
can leverage what you know now to take advantage of the number one way to  
market today-email. 
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Judy Cullins, M.A.
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Top 10 Ways to Get  your Potential Clients to Respond to Your Email 
Judy Cullins  c.  2006
To some of you, email is the way. It's convenient, free, and gets your word  
out easily to your targeted market. Busy people love this short, fast way to  
communicate.Results are what count. 
While you may not like spam email  brings, it's part of doing business on the 
The benefits far outweigh the negatives, even if you are a bit reluctant  
about email. It's easy, fast, inexpensive, friendly and personal to name a few. 
The best benefit--it aids your marketing efforts to reach more of your targete 
d  audience than any traditional way can. If you are new to email think about 
 taking an internet marketing teleclass or work with this kind of coach.
It's  easy when you take one bite at a time. 
Up until now, perhaps you've been sending the wrong email message and  aren't 
getting action. Or, you're thinking this isn't a formal, traditional, and  
integrous way to get visibility. Think again.
For reluctant marketers, introverts, and seasoned, savvy businesses, check  
out these 10 keys to a successful email promotion campaign so you can leverage  
what you know now to take advantage of the number one way to market 
1. Get your target market to opt-in to your ezine or other messages. This  is 
a no spam way for people who want your information. They are pulled by free  
and will sign up for a special report or free ezine. Make sure your web site 
has  a place for these. You can also email individuals with a message and 
offer.  Every few months I email my customer email list and give them a report 
make a  offer.
2. Think promotion campaign. While marketing is the long term plan,  
promotion means continuous connecting. You need to send ongoing messages. 
Enough  to 
help your audience to remember you when they need your service. They may not  
buy now, but when they are ready, they will remember your messages and that you 
 are a good choice. Many clients don't buy now, mainly for financial reasons. 
 They want what you have, but need to create the money for it. The biggest  
mistake we make is to only send out occasional messages. 
3. Think target market. You don't want to send the same  broadcast  email to 
one group who came to you for different reasons. Create many categories  of 
people's email addresses who connect with you. Like me, create an email  
folder. Within it, keep one for customers, ezine subscribers, potential  
clients (from questions by phone or email), teleclass participants, and  
4. Write special beginnings within the email  to each email group.  Dear 
subscribers, I wanted you to have this complimentary special report to help  
reduce your marketing time to only 6-8 hours a week. Make sure you include  
opt-out information at the bottom of each promotional email.. Then copy and  
paste your article or report inside the email. Send these out between your  
monthly ezine--usually one per month. You don't want to deluge your audience,  
you do want them to remember you. 
5. Make your subject line benefit driven and specific.  When I see a  general 
subject line like "Seminars from xxx" I just delete it. The purpose of  your 
subject line is to get people to open it. The heading "Seminars"  doesn't  
connect with me on what I may need or want. Not just any seminar.  Where's the 
benefit? This is one of the top challenges businesses have--the  language of 
Another challenge includes words that may be blocked from people's spam  
checker. Ask them to include you in their address book to avoid this. Half of  
messages either don't make it to the receiver or aren't opened. It may be  
worth your time to check your email against a spam checker.
6. Get personal and keep it friendly. You can develop relationships with  
people in your lists. For example, write a short form letter making a free  
offer, but personalize it by mentioning the person's individual challenge. I 
about their book title and and how they are doing on their project.  I copy  
and paste the main message into 10 separate  emails at a time. My assistant  
takes the specific information from their hard folder and incorporates it. At  
the end of the note, I make a free offer. One successful campaign included  
giving away 10 minutes of phone coaching time on one particular day.. From  
fifteen of these, three bought books they needed, two took a teleclass, and two 
people signed up as clients. 
7.   Make all of your messages educational and don't blatantly  sell in them. 
It's OK to make an offer at the end of the freebie, but strive to  give out 
what others who can become your client or customer what they want--free  
information. People wanting your content will love articles you submit to web  
like _www.ezines.com_ (  or 
_www.businesshighlights.com_ ( . Your  free 
article's signature file 
posted will get your readers to your site where  your sales messages and other 
content are..
8. Make you signature file compel action from its readers.
Ho hum. Your  name, your titles, your address. No one cares about your 
titles. They want to  know what you can do for them. Include a benefit driven 
concept statement.  Something like,
She helps you manifest your relationship dream. He works with  small business 
people who want to attract and keep new clients.
Remember to always include a free offer in your signature file. Without it,  
you won't get many to visit your web site to see the rest of your offers. Your 
 email readers may need to see messages from you 5-7 times before they will 
act,  so be patient and run your business for the long haul success.
Remember, the purpose of your emails is to pre-sell, not to sell. You want  
your person reading the message to click to the offer at your web site, the  
sales letter you've crafted for each and every service or product you  offer.  
9. Make only one offer per email. It's like multi-tasking. We think when  
we're doing two or more things at once, we progress.  Actually, we can only  do 
one thing at a time well. Guess the men know what they are talking about.  When 
people get email they want the message short and easy to understand. Focus  
on one point and make it easy to "buy." 
10. Design a three tier promotion campaign.
Space out these emails every two or three weeks. 
First, send out a free offer of your service. You'll get loads of responses  
with this one. Note the people who responded and keep their emails in a file 
to  keep sending other messages to.
Second, send out a free report that links to your service. Remember to keep  
your conversation going. End your letter with something like, "If you have any 
 questions or want more information, just email me at xxx or check out my 
site at  xxx that includes a special link to what you want them to see.
Third, send out your soft service sales letter. It's kind of a conversation  
where you pose their questions and answer them.
Many small business owners do  not have a sales letter for their service. 
Remember, your mission and bio aren't  what people want.  Coaches, 
 and other small business  people. need to say more about their benefits. 
Yes, it's a sales letter, but  with a blueprint to follow, you can insert your 
personality, your insights that  product sales letter don't. I call this 
powerhouse soft sales email a meaningful  conversation. You can use it via the 
but also by email. When you give  your potential clients enough information 
to make an intelligent decision, they  will contact you. 
While this may be a lot to think about, just take action on one or so of  
these email promotion tips to make sure you have all the clients you need and  
all the income you want to take that needed vacation, buy a wonderful car, or  
invest for your retirement. 

Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing  Coach works with small 
business people who want to make a difference in people's  lives, build their 
credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long  income. Judy is 
of 10 eBooks including Write your eBook or Other Short  Book Fast, Ten 
Non-Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online, The Fast and Cheap  Way to Explode 
Targeted Web Traffic, and Power Writing for Web Sites That  Sell. She offers 
free help through her 2 monthly ezines, "The BookCoach  Says...," "Business Tip 
of the Month," at _www.bookcoaching.com_ (  and 
over 200 free  articles. 
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